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Ignace, Ontario, Canada is 246 km West of Kenora and 248 km East of Thunder Bay as well as one hour East of Dryden. It is on the shore of Agimak Lake located in the heart of Ontario's Sunset Country.

Fishing in Ignace Ontario

In Ignace, Ontario we have the best fishing opportunities in the world. There are many lakes around and in Ignace, it is just kilometres away. Ignace has many different species but the most popular species are walleye, northern pike, lake trout, brook trout, smallmouth bass, lake whitefish, sauger, and yellow perch. There is a large variety of fishing resorts that specialize in a number of species and lakes. Fishing and hunting are the main tourist attractions in this region. Fishing licenses can be purchased locally or online at Ministry of Natural Resources.

Moose Hunting

Ontario's large moose range offers gun seasons, bow only seasons and a special bows-and-muzzleloaders-only season for moose. To be aware of exact dates for hunting in the Wildlife Management Areas (WMUs) in Northwestern Ontario, please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources to view the Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary. Non-residents who want to hunt for moose in Ontario must have a valid hunting authorization and be a registered guest.

Events in Ignace, Ontario

White Otter Days hosts many exciting events during July. There are fishing, golf, dart and baseball tournaments taking place. Don't forget about the annual Music Festival which is held during the summer and Winter Carnival which is held over two weekends in the middle of February..

Some popular events are the Ignace Otters Snowmobile Club Derby Run, a Bantams Tournament, Public Skating, Couples' Hockey, the Health Fair, bowling, 3 on 3 basketball, and a family slide and bonfire.
The Crimestoppers Golf Tournament is held in June located at the Ignace Golf Course.

Northwestern Hockey Sports Camp - Programs for all levels throughout July including an All Girls Program, Initiation Phease, Competitive Phrase I & II, and High Performance Phase .

A few of White Otter Days events:

•Canada Day Events (Parade and Fireworks)
•Agimak Lake Fishing Derby which is held during Ontario's free fishing weekend, so the whole family can fish without a license.
•Ignace Children's Festival

•Shell Lake (5km)
•Three Mile Lake (5.2km)
•Osaquan Lake (6.6km)
•Davy Lake (1.5km)
•Lilypad Lake (1.6km)
•One Mile Lake (3km)
•Michel Lake (3.5km)
•Agimak Lake (4.4km)
•Camp Lake (7.5km)
•Fox Lake (7.5km)
•Sandbar Lake (9.3km)
•Cow Lake (9.3km)
•Bull Lake (10.8km)
•Asinn Lake (10.9km)
•Sally Lake (11.2km)
•Beresford Lake (11.3km)
•Calf Lake (11.7km)
•Ekal Lake (12.5km)
•Little Asinn Lake (9.8km)
•Little Indian Lake (9.9km)
•Pop Lake (10.3km)
•Little Sandbar Lake (10.4km)
•McNamara Lake (10.6km)
•Greenheart Lake (12.7km)
•Ford Lake (13km)
•Pratt Lake (13.7km)
•Notman Lake (13.8km)
•Deer Lake (14.5km)
•Elbow Lake (15km)
•West Grit Lake (15km)
•Valjean Lake (15.6km)
•Ripple Lake (15.6km)
•Little Butler Lake (16.1km)


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