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Things To Do in Ignace Ontario

Things To Do - Swim at Agimak Beach or West Beach (picnic tables are provided) - Ignace Fitnees Centre (200 beaver Street) - Ignace Library, Museum and Heritage Centre at the Township - Walk Lily Pad Lake Trails (end of West Street) - Go to Raleigh Falls on Highway 17 or Barrel Falls on Road 325 - Canoe at Agimak and Gulliver River - Golf and Country Club - Canoe to White Otter Castle - Township Tennis Court - Township Baseball Diamonds Annual Events in Ignace Winter White Otter Days - February and March: Various winter events are offered starting with the Annual Snow Derby, Agimak Ice Fishing Derby, Sliding Parties, Annual Youth Pool and Dart Tournaments, Adult Pool Tournaments and more. Canada Day: A festive parade starts the day followed by singing O Canada, awards and speeches, cake cutting, and various activities throughout the day. Canada Day ends with a big boom of firewords at Agimak Beach. White Otter Days in July: Ignace hosts White Otter Days Celebrations where the town gets together to put numerous activities into play, which includes the White Otter Day